Monday, December 3, 2012

lazy 15- where i'm from

Hello, I'm a lil late but i got it done.  Today's lazy 15 challenge is where your from.  I'm from Wisconsin, so i did a green, yellow, and white mani for the Packers.  Wisconsin loves there football, and there Packers.

-Aslo will he having a giveaway soon with a friend, glitter me this check her blog out!! More info will be posted when giveaway is up and running!!

For my Packer mani i used: Easy going made by sinful colors. Yellow made by L.A colors. Wild thing made by pure ice. Free spirit made by pure ice.

                                                                 GO Pack GO!!

                                                         Sorry about the bright picture

The last Lazy 15 challenge is going to be on Wednesday.  Be sure to check it out, it's inspired by another blogger.  I had a blast with this challenge.


  1. LOL we're neighbors!!!

    1. Hey I gave you a Liebster Award, It's not really an award just a fun little game to get to know new blogs!