Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween Recreation!!

                                                            HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!
Today is Halloween and the last day of the Halloween challenges.  I have to admit i am kind of sad that this is my last Halloween mani until next year!! But anyways the challenge today is to recreate a Halloween mani that we seen someone else do.  I choose to use vampires as a theme for this mani, and have lots of blood.

For my last Halloween challenge i used: Easy going made by sinful colors. cranberri made by ultra pro.

-Easy going made by sinful colors is one of my favorite colors.  I use it in alot of manis, it is a good shade of white with out being white white. It has a pinkish color to it.

                                                                Vampires Blood!!

                                               Have a Happy Halloween and stay safe!!!!


Hello, Good morning! Today is a Halloween challenge! Where down to the last 2!! Today's challenge is Trick-or-treat, This was tricky for me haha. I sat for a long time trying to come up with ideas and everything i tried i hated.  Trick-or-treat is tricky ahah it could be so many things, i choose to do candy.   

The candy i choose are the old fashion candy buttons, that you rip off the paper. I also tried to do some lollipops on my thumb nails.  I love how they turned out.

The polishes i used: easy going made by sinful colors.  yellow, turquoise made by L.A colors.  Island coral made by sinful colors.

                                                    This is how they turned out!!

                                                        Sorry the picture is so bright!!

Monday, October 29, 2012


Today's Halloween Challenge is Graveyards.  This was kind of challenging to come up with some good ideas.  But once i got an idea it was fun to do.  It's coming to the end of the month and there's only a few challenges left to do.  This month has flew by so fast, i can't believe it. 

For this mani i used:  Nirvana made by sinful colors. Easy going made by sinful colors. Black made by fantasy makers. Wild thing made by pure ice.  Exotic green made by sinful colors. Glitter made by Glitter me this.

                                                   This is how my mani turned out!!!

Happy Monday :)

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Polish us pink!!!

Today will be the last Polish us pink post for the month of Octobers breast cancer awareness. i had so much fun all month comming up with ideas. I hope everyone else had just as much fun.

I used:  Pink,black,white made by L.A colors. Love made by pure ice. Spit fire made by pure ice.

                                                        Here are my results!!!

                                                Have a wonderful Monday everyone!!!

Friday, October 26, 2012


HELLO!!! Today's Halloween challenge is witches!!! This is sooo much fun!! I choose to use a theme for this challenge.  The theme i choose is the Wicked Witch of the West!!!

The colors i used: Exotic green made by sinful colors. Wild thing made by pure ice. Orange made by L.A colors.  Black made by Fantasy makers (won in contest) I really love all 4 of these colors.


           The Wizard of Oz is one of my favorite childhood movies!! This is how they turned out!!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Good morning!!!  i wanted to do a post using the glow in the dark nail polish that i won in a giveaway. Glitter me this hosted this giveaway check out her blog here: allthelittleshinythings.blogspot.com
I love this polish it's so much fun to look at in the dark.  I have not yet to use the other polishes i won but when i do i'll be sure to post them.

For this mani i used: No hard feelings made by sally hansen. ( this purple is an awesome color, and the polish is great and dries fast) I also used: glow-in-the-dark made by fantasy makers.

So i love the glow-in-the-dar nail polish and it works very well.  I can't get a good picture of them glowing in the dark.  When i took the picture this is what it looks like:

                         I welcome any suggestions on how to get better results with my camera!!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Today was a very good day for me, i found out that i was one of six winners from giveaway. The giveaway was hosted by Nicole (Glitter me this) you can check her blog out she is very talented
. here:  http://allthelittleshinythings.blogspot.com/

For this giveaway i received 5 wonderful Halloween nail polishes made by Fantasy makers. I have 2 black magic. A bottle of creepy pumpkin. A bottle of vampish red. I also received a bottle of glow-in-the-dark nail polish.

 I'm excited about the glow in the dark it is my first bottle so it should be fun to play around with.

                                                                      Thank you!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Gradient Halloween!!!

This Halloween challenge was fun fun fun.  I enjoyed this one much better than bats, :) there are so many things that could could do with this challenge.  I choose the colors i choose in the theme of halloween.  I think that this would be something fun and easy for anyone to learn.

For this mani i used: Easy going made by sinful colors. Kiss me here made by pure ice. Black made by konad.    So this is how it turned out.  I hope everyone has just has much fun creating as i did. Keep in mind all the different color patterns you can create.


                                                                  Happy Halloween!!

Pink for breast cancer!!!

Mondays polish us pink challenge for the month of October has been so much fun.  I think that things like this make people more personable.  Even if you have never experienced have breast cancer or any type of cancer, even if you don't know anyone that has had cancer. It is something that is soo important to be knowledgeable about, and support.  As it is coming to the end of  month i hope everyone keeps this close. 

For this mani i decided that i wanted to share this challenge with someone else.  So i asked my mom if i could do a mani for her to were for this week.  She accepted.

-I used: pink made by pure ice (i'm not sure of the name) glitter made by L.A. colors.  White made by L.A colors.

                                                          This is how it turned out!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

A rose

Good morning and happy saturday!!! For todays mani i wanted to do something fun and cute.  I love this mani it is one of my favorites. 

I used: Love made by pure ice. easy going made by sinful colors. red made by pebble beach.  Exotic made by sinful colors. wild thing made by pure ice.  For the stripes i used striping tape.

                                                   This is what it looks like!!!

I hope you enjoy this and maybe
get some ideas of your own from some of the ideas i share.  Have a great weekend!!!!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween Challenge Bats!!!

Today's Halloween challenge is bats.  I had a hard time with this one.  I can say that bat nail art is not my strong point.  It was fun trying to figure it out, but still needs some mastering. 

For this mani i used: Gold made by Pebble beach. Glitter made by nicole. (my favorite halloween glitter)

                                     This is how the mani turned out!!!! bare with me!!

                    I'm looking forward to the next halloween challenge which is Gradient, so untill then!!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Crystal sand/ Pebble Beach

Happy Tuesday!!! the polish i used for my mani today is now one of my favorite polishes. It's a very pretty red when u put the 2 coats on. It was kinda of dull looking but still very pretty, so of coarse you would want to add a top coat for shine. I was blown away by the color after i applied top coat. The red is truly intense. (as always it is more pure in person)

 Crystal Sand- This is amazing, you can see the granites in the polish. These polishes are also good to create a gradient look.

 I used: Pebble beach, crystal sand, red. I also used a nail decal for the nail art.

                               Please excuse my clean up, obviously i didn't clean up before taking this picture.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Polish us pink!!!!

I love the month of October, and att the challenges.  Pink nails for breast cancer awareness!!!!

I used: Love made by pure ice. spitfire made by pure ice.
-I love pure ice polish.  These 2 particularly are very nice polishes!!!!

This is what it looks like.  The glitter is way prettier in person, but here it goes another pink mani for breast cancer!!!!!!

                                                           sorry about the glitter!!!

Halloween challenge!!!

Monday Halloween challenge is zombies. I had a lot of fun trying to get this one.  They were a little challenging for me, but it was something fun and out of the box.  I hope everyone had as much fun as i did.

I used: black made by konad. kiss me here made by pure ice.

This is how it turned out!!!!

Its the joy of learning that makes fun out of life, enjoy!!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Green is my absolute favorite color, so i love this green mani. I have been super busy this weekend but i wanted to quick post these cuz i loved them so much before the weekend is over. :)

 -currently working on zombie nails for Halloween challenge and polish us pink breast cancer awareness challenges.

 For this mani i used: Wild thing made by pure ice for the base color. A halloween glitter made by my girl nicole. (i love the glitter polish i use it in almost every mani) :) The flower is a nail art sticker.

                                          THIS IS HOW IT TURNED OUT!!!!


Friday, October 12, 2012


TGIF everyone. I'm super excited for the weekend.  Halloween challenge today is Jack-O-Lanterns.  I had a lot of fun with this challenge.

I used:  Orange made by L.A colors for the base color.  I used black made by konad, and easy going made by sinful colors for the dots.  I used a dotting tool to made the dots.  I used exotic green made by sinful colors and black made by konad for the Jack-O-Lantern.

This is how it turned out, i hope you like it!!!  :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Glitter :)

So i said i wanted to do some manis of my favorite glitter polishes.  So i decided to post my first mani with glitter polish a sparkly turquoise color.  I absolutely love this polish it has been one of my favorite polishes for a very long time.

-  It is good for a sparkly finish on a nail art design.  Or you can use 2 coats of polish like i did to make the glitter your polish!!!!!!

-I used:  Turquoise glitter made by L.A. colors (color craze collection)

This is the sparkly result hahaha :)

<3  <3 <3
                                                 The color is sooo much more intense in person!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Just for Fun!!!!!

Happy Tuesday, I wanted to do something today for fun.  I love the blue color used for the base in this mani it has a great shine.  I have been having so much fun with all my manis, I enjoy this every much.

For my mani today i used:
 Blue by you made by Sinful colors. a black made by konad. Easy going made by Sinful colors. Pink glitter made by L.A colors.
-I really like the Sinful colors polish its very affordable, and I love the all the different colors available. 

This is what I came up with, I love dots they are a fun and easy way of glamoring up your nails.  I also LOVE glitter!!! I'm going to be doing some posts of all of my favorite glitters!!!! 


Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween spot :)

Happy Halloween Challenge!!!  Another idea i had for some fun nails. I had so much fun doing this.

 I used: 2 coats of easy going made by Sinful Colors. Orange made by L.A Colors. Kiss me here made by Pure Ice. Exotic Green made by Sinful Colors. A Glitter Halloween Top coat made by my girl nicole :)

This is how it looks, I really love this!! Halloween is sooooooo much fun. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Halloween Ideas!!!

I wanted to start some ideas for some kool Halloween nails. I'm going to be posting a few ideas threw out the month.  I did some really cute Halloween cheetah print nails.  One of my very good friends Nicole made me the Halloween glitter used as a top coat.

I used: 2 coats of Easy going made by Sinful colors, A black made by Konad, Orange made by L.A colors and glitter made by my girl nicole.

I apologies about the picture taking.  

This is how it turned out:

Again i am working on trying to get better pictures!!  Happy Halloween! :)