Monday, October 22, 2012

Pink for breast cancer!!!

Mondays polish us pink challenge for the month of October has been so much fun.  I think that things like this make people more personable.  Even if you have never experienced have breast cancer or any type of cancer, even if you don't know anyone that has had cancer. It is something that is soo important to be knowledgeable about, and support.  As it is coming to the end of  month i hope everyone keeps this close. 

For this mani i decided that i wanted to share this challenge with someone else.  So i asked my mom if i could do a mani for her to were for this week.  She accepted.

-I used: pink made by pure ice (i'm not sure of the name) glitter made by L.A. colors.  White made by L.A colors.

                                                          This is how it turned out!!!

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