Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Crystal sand/ Pebble Beach

Happy Tuesday!!! the polish i used for my mani today is now one of my favorite polishes. It's a very pretty red when u put the 2 coats on. It was kinda of dull looking but still very pretty, so of coarse you would want to add a top coat for shine. I was blown away by the color after i applied top coat. The red is truly intense. (as always it is more pure in person)

 Crystal Sand- This is amazing, you can see the granites in the polish. These polishes are also good to create a gradient look.

 I used: Pebble beach, crystal sand, red. I also used a nail decal for the nail art.

                               Please excuse my clean up, obviously i didn't clean up before taking this picture.


  1. I used this polish in pink for my Go Pink Wednesday mani...LOVE LOVE LOVE these polishes!!