Friday, November 9, 2012

Lazy 15 Challenge- Water marble!!!

Good Morning!!! Happy Friday!! Another week down, many more to go. I am having so much fun doing my nails for all these lazy 15 challenges!! Today's challenge is Water Marble!! I enjoy water mable very much.  There is no same design, and it's fun to play around with all the colors.

For my water marble mani i used: Wild thing made by pure ice. Rumors made by pure ice.

I love the color combination in this mani, i need to work on design in water marbling.  For the most part i enjoy and love this mani.  So here's how it looks!!!!

                                                                        WATER MARBLE!!!

I hope everyone is having fun with this!! I am going to be working on making my own polishes, so i'll be posting some of them on here so you can buy and/or tell me what you think.   I get my kit today, and I can't wait!!!