Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The lazy 15 nail art challenge- Dots

Good day everyone!! It's Wednesday, half way threw the week, and that means there is a challenge today. Again this challenge is so much fun and everyone should join in!!! The Challenge today is Dots!!!
I love to used my dotting tool, everyone should own one!!

                                               The challenge is hosted by Phoenix Nails
                                                    Check this blog out, and join in!!! 

For My dot mani i used: Easy going made by sinful colors. Purple Reign made by pure ice. I used my dotting tool for the dots.

                                                          Here is how it looks!!!


                                                                Have a great day!!!


  1. thank you very much, you should join!!!

  2. Purple purple purple!! I would swear its your fav!!! Love this mani!!

  3. I love this! I never think to do cute art with dots, but I really love the effect.

  4. Super excited about watermarble!!!!

  5. Cute! Your nails are so long and pretty.