Monday, November 12, 2012

Lazy 15- Galaxy nails!!

Good morning!!! Today challenge is galaxy nails. I had a hard time with this challenge, so bare with me!!!

Good news- I got my nail polish kit and have been busy mixing up some awesome polishes i will be posting in a week or so. Make sure you check them out!!!!

For this challenge i am going to post 2 manis. For the first mani i used:  Black made by fantasy makers. No hard feelings made by Sally Hansen. Turquoise made by L.A colors. Easy going made by sinful colors.

Here are the results:

For my other mani i used:   The crown is mine made by wet n wild.
Here are the results!!

Wednesday is favorite color nails. I'm soooo much more excited to start  this mani, come check it out on Wednesday!!!   Until then.........


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  2. ok thank you soo much ill be checking both of those out!!!!